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Jaguar is the luxury vehicle brand of Jaguar Land Rover, a British multinational car manufacturer with its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, England. Jaguar Cars were the company that was responsible for the production of Jaguar cars until its operations were fully merged with those of Land Rover to form Jaguar Land Rover on 1 January 2013.

Josh of San Diego, CA, complained about Jaguar on March 2020 on the Consumer Affairs website:

"Shockingly bad customer service from Jaguar. They create a hidden policy that will charge the customer if he misses a mileage interval for service. No email notifications. No automated notifications on the car. No notifications on prior service. When I objected to the "gotcha" nature of this money grab, the local dealer said it was a Jaguar USA policy. A week later, I get a call from a phone bank operator reading off a script...I sold my car. Jaguar is not worthy of my business. This policy is designed to catch the customer napping. The response to my outrage was a game of hot potato. Nobody accepting responsibility for an egregious policy? Goodbye Jaguar. Other businesses understand customer service and customer retention. Clearly, Jaguar does not."


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Gary Sadler says

"“They are really nice and will do anything for you right up until the point when you’ve signed on the dotted line and then they couldn’t give a s**t. The niceties are just a front for the crap aftercare you will receive”. Picked-up new car with bird s**t burn on roof... Jaguar "This is deemed to be an external influence and therefore not something covered under the terms of the warranty"... enough said! Avoid at all costs!!!! Lucky to get one star... I would give them nothing if this site allowed"

Panda Low says

"Just a bad experience got from jaguar grange Barnet. My car was taken in for a health check. When their returned my car back, and i checked it next day and found that it had some damage in the front shield, i called the garage and explained to them, and"

Clair says

"Very condescending attitude, and overall poor communication / customer service."

alan brown says

"My XK got a problem, jaguar assist attended and collected fast and with excellence, however they do not see through the whole process. Courtesy car from enterprise supplied through jaguar was like pulling teeth, it took me 9 phone calls over 6 hours, sometimes I was on the system, sometimes they had no record of me, then as I got frustrated, customer service thought it was ok to talk to me with the hump, unbelievable, jaguar did not deal with me correctly and there courtesy car warranty is trickery and non existent, when I finally got a courtesy car at 8.30 pm it had a fault, rubbish service, now selling my jag as do not want to experience this again. Warranty at jaguar is very poor and h@ve complained and cut off 3 times- rude."

Robert Barcoe says

"Just had my 20 month old XJ serviced at jaguar dealer Swanswayw crewe On collection the car had been washed and looked like it had been dried with a very dirty cloth , scratched every panel and flat surfaces had a white haze on them When I complained they sent the car cleaner to see me he showed me the kit that jaguar made them use. A garden sprayer containing TFR and a very Dirty white bucket , dirt guard, ECT No one interested a lady stood by the cleaner with the c\c waiting to get my payment No one looked at the car Rubbish service"

Amanda Hill says

"You'd think Jaguar would be synoymous with customer service and quality - sadly Jaguar Grange not only sold a defective car but took 18 months of not even sorting out myriad issues or even bothering to call back - it would have spent more time with them than us has they not kept giving us months of waiting time to get a courtesy car and book it in - and every time the faults came back - then to add insult to injury they will kindly take it back a trade in cost... really?? Let's see what the ombudsman says about your shocking contempt of customers.. steer clear of this company if you want quality and service they have no idea what it means there are plenty of quality cars on the market and dealerships who want to look after you these guys don't."

Mark Foxington says

"i bought my previous jaguar xf from Hartwel Bristol Jaguar but now sadly they have been taken over and what an awful shame the service is poor, staff not interested in customer service and the quality of the service is poor as well my car went back twice same fault, my advise: travel further away"

Leon Duffield says

"Purchased a new shape Jag XF from Peter Vardy in Aberdeen and despite a comprehensive multi point check they failed to notice that the air conditioning was leaking in three places and wasn't functioning. Additionally I also purchased a two year Jaguar warranty and roadside assistance and was sent just a one year policy. Fair enough, everyone is human and people make mistakes. Took the car to the local dealer to have it fixed which took two visits. First courtesy car boot was broken and closed hitting me on the head. Second car hadn't been cleaned, was filthy with mud everywhere and even an apple in the passenger door storage. Then had to go to Grange Barnet Jaguar, possibly the worst dealership in the country. While waiting there for three hours just to order an additional key every single person who came into the waiting room (appx 20 people) had brought their car there to be fixed and still had the same problem, this didn't bode well. I was given a fob and paid in full, being told the blade would be sent to me within 2-3 days. 2 weeks later I started calling to find out where it was, the receptionist put me through to parts who said I would have to speak to service, service then told me I would have to speak to parts! I left a message to be called back but no call, I called twice more over the next week and left another two messages but still no call back. I then called and asked to speak to a manager, none were available so the receptionist said she would leave a message for two managers to call me back, none ever did. I've tried calling twice since then, no one is ever available and no calls have been returned. I tried emailing Jaguar customer service a week ago and no response from them either. I've still not got my key blade that I paid £300 for and am absolutely disgusted with the after care service. Not what I would expect from a premium brand."

Richard W says

"Six weeks after taking delivery of my new Jaguar Ipace, I had to bring it in for service. Although the service department treated me quite well, I had to leave my car there for a total of 31 days (mostly waiting for parts) and the dealership could NOT provide me with a courtesy car during that extended time. Instead, I had to rent a car at my own expense. Very unprofessional and not something I would expect from a high-end car company."

Jamie Sanders says

"Bad Service with poor customer support"

kath hewetson says

"After buying an xtype, on the basisi of a full service before collection I got a service reminder card 2 weeks later. I took the car in and was given a 2500 estimate of work that had to be done. I complained to Jag head quaters and they covered the cost. Appleyard tell me it is not their policy to service vehicles prior to sale. Disgusting service, I have never returned" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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